VMware ESX Security Updates 
VMware have released security updates for ESX.

The updates are for the VMware ESX Server. It fixes bugs in open source components and also fixes problems with insecure SSL keys and virtual disks.

The updates fix security vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, OpenSSH and Python.

VMware has released patches for the following affected ESX server versions:2.0.2, 2.1.3, 2.5.3, 2.5.4, 3.0.0 and 3.0.1.

VMware are pretty thorough in testing their patches before releasing them so we would recommend installing them.

For more info see: http://www.vmware.com/vmtn/technology/security/

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Merry Christmas! 
Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We shall be taking a break from December 25th through to January 1st. We will have people available at the end of the phone and available should you need us.

We hope everyone has a great holiday and look forward to working with you next year!

The Solution Centre Team.

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Cassatt Collage 4.0 is here! 
The good folks at Cassatt have just announced Collage 4.0, the latest version of the data centre automation system.

Version 4 adds a great deal to the offering, bringing the ability to manage physical boxes along with automated management of VMware ESX 3.0, Xen 3.0, and XenSource XenEnterprise 3.0 virtual machines.

Four also includes Network Virtualization Service (NVS), which works with Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) environments to dynamically configure network switches, allowing resources to be pooled and shared across networks.

So not only can Collage manage your servers, it can manage your routers.

We met their chairman and CEO, Bill Coleman last month, who was explaining the vision for version 4.0 and we have been looking forward to seeing 4.0 for a long time. Version four has also had the input of Rob Gingell, formerly Chief Technologist for Sun’s software efforts. Rob was technical leader for several generations of Solaris and its predecessor SunOS operating systems.

The addition of the simultaneous management of Xen, VMware & Physical servers is welcomed, but the NVS functionality is a bigger step forward for IT departments. NVS allows you to automate the management of your routers the same way Collage already managed servers.

The following example shows the power of the Collage system:

A business may require peak financial computing resources at the end of a quarter, but could find that many IT resources are locked into silos on a separate network. Though the resources may reside in the same data centre, they cannot be pooled or shared to balance resources, costing the company an opportunity to save hardware and other IT costs.

Collage will now allow pooling of physical and virtual resources residing outside such networked silos, making more efficient use of corporate IT capital while dramatically improving reliability and availability. The Collage NVS capability can modify network switches to return resources to a “free” pool across network domains, re-allocate those resources into the desired domain, and then automatically provision them with whatever application is currently experiencing the high demand.

4.0 starts shipping on December 29th.

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New XenSource products released today. 
XenSource Introduces XenServer™ Product Family of High Performance Virtualization Products for Windows and Linux Based on the Open Source Xen™ Hypervisor

XenSource, have today released their new range of products:

Free Starter Package for Developers and IT Enthusiasts

* Packaged Xen™ Virtualization
* Blazing Fast Performance for Windows and Linux Guests
* Single Server Management
* Powerful Administrator Console
* Seamless Upgrade Path to XenExpress™ and XenEnterprise™
* Free

Windows Virtualization for Windows IT Professionals

* Packaged Xen™ Virtualization
* Easy Installation and Deployment
* Blazing Fast Performance for Windows Guests
* Multi-Server Management
* Powerful Administrator Console
* Low Cost Annual Licensing
* Seamless Upgrade Path
* Fully Supported

Multi-OS Virtualization for Enterprise IT

* Packaged & Supported Xen™ Virtualization
* Easy Installation and Deployment
* Blazing Fast Performance for Windows and Linux Guests
* Multi-Server Management
* Powerful Administrator Console
* Broad Hardware Support
* Affordable Annual and Perpetual Licensing Available
* Fully Supported

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Instant Messaging 
We are really interested in people’s views of Instant Messaging in the corporate environment.

- Would your organisation be better off with IM?
- Do they allow use of IM?
- Can it be any IM = MSN, Yahoo, etc. or is it just internal and controlled = Sametime or Live Communication Server, or a mixture of both commercial and public products?

Any feedback and observations would be gratefully received.


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